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New Year Resolutions – Let them not scare you – Part – II

New Year Resolutions

Rewards are but bribe in another name, but without the guilt attached to it. So, it not only makes us feel good, but also acts as a motivation to push ourselves to see through the resolution. However, the trick is to carefully choose a reward that compliments your efforts, and does not tempt to break the resolve. Read More »

New Year Resolutions – Let them not scare you – Part I

New Year Resolutions

There is a certain sense of excitement with all things new, for children and adults alike. All this excitement pumps up so much adrenaline into our blood, that our confidence level is at its all time high. This is perhaps the only philosophy that works both ways. Read More »

Travel as Meditation – time for a little introspection


“Meditation” is usually described as the “art of doing nothing, yet be aware of the things / thoughts around us, and let them be”…. Read More »

Why you should Travel often? 2 unconventional reasons


"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" - Saint Augustine of Hippo Read More »

My pet peeve : Procrastination 


The act of putting off attending to matters to a later time, until it can no longer be left unattended (i.e ‘last minute’) is called Procrastination. Read More »

Why call to action is very important for every marketing strategy

Importance of call to action for marketers

So you have got your internet marketing strategy and sales pitch all worked out and feel you have a winner on your hands. But did you know that the moment of truth is when the rubber hits the road? For you, that moment is when the advertisement or sales pitch is complemented by an appropriate ‘call to action’, which will make the reader or visitor actually buy into your product or service. Read More »