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5 Reasons why customers are the champions of your BUSINESS STORY

Why customers are the champions of your story

It is impossible to fathom a business without its customer base. Every customer in the clientele makes up for the reason why the business is operating in the first place. Read More »

Why Everything We Do In Digital Marketing Must Be Measurable

Why everything in digital marketing must be mesurable

In the current business scenario it is pivotal for all business to market their products/service efficiently. It is also equally important that you measure your marketing strategy periodically so as to stay on top of your game always. Nowadays, majority of the businesses around the world use the digital marketing strategies to widen their reach as well as increase their profit margin Read More »

How positive thinking influences our actions – Hold on to the branch

Positive thinking @TheRoyaleIndia

I am sure most of you have a fair idea what I am going to say, by just looking at the title. This is a good thing, because, you are very much invested in your well-being, and looking for ways and means to achieve it. This is also a bad thing (for me), because, it may make me sound clichéd. But then, that is okay. Cliché’s are thoughts/ ideas / opinions that have withstood the test of time, and so sounding cliché’d is actually a good thing. Read More »

Tips to manage difficult people

Tips to manage difficult people

Your workplace can be a good mix of both good and difficult people. The situation needs attention when the difficult people around you increases and you can’t avoid them. Read on to know some helpful tips to manage such people who enjoy being unhappy and bring down the surrounding environment with their negative energy. Read More »

Three Books that have had a lasting impact on me

Prasad Shejale Favourite Books @TheRoyaleIndia

Guess I have been a passionate reader from my days of youth. Having explored books from various genres, few of them have left a lasting impression on me. Maybe, the time when I laid my hands on them could have been crucial for each of these have made me view life in a different perspective. Read More »

What years of experience has taught me about balancing work and relationships

Managing work and relationships

There can be no doubt that success in any sphere can be achieved without sacrifices, hard work and some compromises. A successful couple leading a happy family life may be a good example to live up to but are you willing to put in the efforts they might have to achieve similar status? Read More »