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Top 4 Myths About Mobile App User Acquisition

Mobile App Behaviour

While there is a good amount of euphoria regarding ‘mobile app is the future’, you will find people junking off the mobile website for Mobile App only strategy. Read More »

Art of Client Servicing from a CEO’s Perspective

Art of Client Servicing from a CEO’s Perspective

Adopting a successful strategy for client servicing can take your company a long way. Great work can win business, but only great relationships will keep it. Read More »

Getting ideas executed

Prasad Shejale ideas

Are you still debating whether to execute the ‘idea or not’? Well, to judge an idea, you first need to give it a concrete shape otherwise the idea remains an abstract idea. The execution of an idea assumes a much bigger proportion over the idea. Read More »

Useful photography tips (part -2)

An evening sun set reflecting its patterns on the waves at

It matters to the camera whether that ambient light is natural sunlight or a halogen light or a fluorescent one. On DSLRs, you can adjust white balance with a button labeled “WB.” On point and shoots, you’ll need to find it in the menu and do the adjusting there. Read More »

Photography Tips You Can Use

Photography tips

I truly believe in this quote by James Balog. My passion for photography has stayed ... Read More »

New Year Resolutions – Let them not scare you – Part – II

New Year Resolutions

Rewards are but bribe in another name, but without the guilt attached to it. So, it not only makes us feel good, but also acts as a motivation to push ourselves to see through the resolution. However, the trick is to carefully choose a reward that compliments your efforts, and does not tempt to break the resolve. Read More »